Germany 1942

Download and play this classic text adventure game that I wrote in high school in 1983.


You play by entering two word sentences and try to solve puzzles.  Example commands you can enter: n, s, e, w, inventory, get gun, look leaves.  Only the first three letters of each word need be entered.  Figuring out which words to use is part of the puzzle.


This game was written using the "MicroAdv" programming language and authoring tool I developed.  It is compiled into a TRS-80 executable.   This is then packaged into a single Windows executable with a TRS-80 emulator for Windows I wrote in the late 90s.


This game only runs on Windows.  It does not need to be "installed".

Click on the link below to download.  Click on the file AWSoftware.exe.  You will get a security warning because this game was written a long time ago, but it is safe.  When you get the security dialog, select "More Info" then "Run Anyway".